Some tips for installation on Windows


If you are on Windows and don’t have the easy_install command, you must install it first. Check pip and distribute on Windows section for more information about how to do that. Once you have it installed, run the same commands as in Installation.

If you are a Windows user, the following command is for you:

$ venv\scripts\activate

Either way, you should now be using your virtualenv (notice how the prompt of your shell has changed to show the active environment).

Now you can just enter the following command to get Nereid installed in your virtualenv:

$ pip install m9s-nereid

A few seconds, and you are good to go.

System-Wide Installation

This is possible as well, though usually not recommended. Could be a way to go in isolated containers. You have been warned! Just run pip with root privileges

On Windows systems, run it in a command-prompt window with administrator privileges.

$ pip install m9s-nereid

pip and distribute on Windows

On Windows, installation of easy_install is a bit tricky, but still achievable. Read the section on pip and distribute on Windows on the Flask documentation for a better understanding.